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Who we are and how the purchase of a property works in italy

Buying a property in Italy at this time can be a very advantageous operation. This applies from both the financial point of view, given the future revaluation of the property, and for the profitability obtainable by inserting the new property in the circuit of short tourist leases...

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Cadastral and Urban Planning Compliance

Cadastral and Urban Planning

The register of all real estate on Italian national territory, both privately and...

Conformity of Provenance Titles

of Provenance Titles

When buying a property in Italy, it is of fundamental importance to carefully check and...

Conformity of Appraiser's Estimate

of Appraiser's Estimate

Once they have found a property of interest, one of the main problems facing the...

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Before buying a property in Italy it is very important to verify...

Liens Compliance

Liens Compliance

Another essential aspect to be checked with great care before buying an Italian property...

Financial Compliance

Fiscal and Financial Compliance

This page provides a combined discussion of the two areas of "financial compliance"...

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